Web Tools

To help you with the design and web site development process we offer a number of Free web tools these include:-

A dynamic colour and font test control panel. Here you can change the text (font) size, font face, font colour and background colours to help you choose a colour and scheme for your site.

Search Engine submission. You can add you site any or all of the poplar Search Engines listed. Please note that we do not make any guarantee that your site will be accepted by this submission process or that if accepted that it will be listed.

Domain Name finder - Searches the domain name databases for ownership of a domain name with the selected extension i.e. www.mycompany.co.uk.
If the name is already taken you can find out who owns and administers the name.

Domain Name Wizard - This is a great tool for helping you find a free domain name based on search criteria such as your company, product or service names.

Global Domain Name Wizard - This tool gives you the opportunity of checking for the availability of a domain name with a list of the available extensions i.e.

  • www.mycompany.co.uk
  • www.mycompany.com etc.