In addition to offering a bespoke complete site package we can offer a number of other services these include:-

Pointer Online Reservation Systems

(for services, venues or products)

Pointer SMS Text Interfacing

(receive queries and automated replies or notifications)

Pointer Estate Agent Management Systems  

(from detailed searching to automated match SMS texts)

Pointer High Volume Membership Sites

(with large-scale sophisticated pattern matching)

Pointer Event Ticketing Systems

(with or without assigned seating or allocations)

Pointer CV Processing and Matching Systems

(increase automation within your office)

Pointer Interactive forms

We can produce forms that not only look good in the sense that the style changes as a field is in focus, but also function interactively.

Pointer Access Modifying or producing a complete site to comply with Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. This states that "Service providers have a duty not to treat members of the public with disabilities less favourably, and to make reasonable adjustments. Unless a service provider is able to provide substantial justification for treating a disabled member of the public less favourably, or why any adjustment investigated has been considered to be unreasonable to make, then that service provider may be seen to be in breach of the DDA. The provision of web sites, would be considered to be part of a service providers service so they would have duty to make that site as accessible as possible.